The Man Upstairs
The Man Upstairs


When professional thief Hugh MacPherson died on the job in 1784 during a botched break-in he thought it was the end, but it was just the beginning. He soon discovers that for his entire existence he has been followed by a Watcher named Mika. Mika sees to it that Hugh is left to spend an eternity in Torment, haunting the house he planned on robbing as punishment for his crimes. Over one hundred years pass in lonely isolation before twelve year old Emma Hollis and her family arrive. Emma can see and speak to souls in Torment. Her presence changes everything. Read more

About Mary Swift

Mary Swift was born in Massachusetts and raised in a small town in coastal Maine where she still resides. She has been writing since the age of three, when she composed her first song. As a child she wrote stories for the amusement of her family and herself. For the past sixteen years she has been working in the banking industry while continuing to write in her free time.
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Excerpt from the Book

Hugh MacPherson had been a thief for fifteen years when he came upon the Winslow House late one evening. Read more

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